City of dreams, aeries, scanned horizons.
Griffith Observatory from the trail.
Griffith Observatory dome.
Griffith Observatory roof, skirting detail.
Griffith Observatory, toward Los Angeles' CBD. 
Toward San Fernando.
Pacific Palisades, from the garden of the Eames House.
Toward LA on the 101.
Emser neon lighting up at dusk.
Venice Beach.
City, late dusk, looking southwest.
Looking south, southeast from Griffith Observatory.
Morning, The Elysian.
Above the Hollywood Hills.
Franklin Avenue, West Hollywood.
Lesser known view of Sunset Boulevard.
101 Diner.
'Secret Stairs', West Hollywood Hills (left). Sunset Boulevard (right.)
Grotto, Getty Villa.
Roman Eagle, Getty Villa.
Boxing Day, UCLA bar.
Santa Monica Pier.
Santa Monica sky.
Boy, adopted, Roman bust, commissioned by boy's 'owner'. Getty Villa.
West Hollywood Hills.
Looking southwest from a Griffith Park trail.
Griffith Observatory from above Hollywood Lake.
Tourist Trap. Hollywood Park.
Ennis House, lovingly restored.
Blackburn Residence, Paul R. Williams' ideal example of the Spanish Colonial Revival style, 1927. Cromwell Ave & Nth Berendo Street.
Wayfinding at Griffith Observatory.

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